I thought I saw you there…

I randomly came across a presence –on my walks, in someone’s face, at the back of a chair, at the crossroad of a path, in the shade of a wall, in a word, in a sentence and under very different appearances.
These photos are the traces left behind when I felt this presence… Never from too far, by surprise and always with this true feeling of being imperceptible… It came to me fleetingly when I thought I had felt it…
I cannot explain this “presence”. But I like to feel it. I like catching a glimpse of it – often through a sunbeam. I like the idea that I catch a glimpse of a deceased relative, an ended love story, the call of a memory, or else a divine presence. I bear this presence within myself, and it sometimes happily reveals itself.
Here are my photographs, just like true traces of these moments when presence through absence is fleetingly revealed.
- Photographs extracted from a series of 16. -
Cath. An. Photographies
I thought I saw you there…

Photograph extracted from a series of 16.