« L’attente, l’oubli… » Réflexions à huis-clos

"Here, he had to stop by this piece of sentence that perhaps was addressed to himself".
That is how the book "Awaiting oblivion" from Maurice Blanchot begins. So was I, I did stop by.
This photographical series offers a setting of the awaiting oblivion, some of the dearest theme of Maurice Blanchot. In this story, the two main characters are waiting and forgetting. Yet, each one tries to recover their own memories...through absence and silence.
The setting is based on a sort of "behind locked doors" ambience which is deeply important here as it comes as a mental and physical frame. Daylight is the only outside element that comes to clarify the thoughts, questions and doubts concerning this awaiting oblivion.
Here is indeed a young woman and a young man who are facing a presence by the absence, a timely immersion into their confrontation with this awaiting oblivion, a temporality of the emptiness and lost memories, in a profound silence.
What is it that they lost? What are they waiting for?
The awaiting oblivion keeps on hammering soundlessly on their thoughts.
Consequently, I did stop by on this book, on this piece of sentence, on these notions with the desire that exists between the awaiting oblivion and doubts. In fact, I'm dealing with this tangible doubt of recovering a memory and this awaiting moment that may be it'll come to an end soon.
This is exactly in this "in-between" situation, in this accurate place, that this series tries to capture the fleeting moment of the possible "what if..."