The time for...

"The time for…" tells the story of a woman who decides to leave her everyday life to spend time with her friends, in a house under construction, in order to reflect on her life.
The photographs presented guide the reader through the frames of mind this woman is living. At times hesitating, at others liberating, she gives way to these days which each begin with a ray of light that she sees as an echo to this reality which she has suspended. Day after day, she looks for “the place” from where she will be able to choose how to resume her life, how to wholly live again with this “presence” that accompanies and overwhelms her.

And so, after this one week, what will be this woman’s answer to her questions?
- Photographs extracted from a series of 35. -
Artbook « Le temps de… » by GLC Editions.
This book will tell a story through photos and previously unpublished texts (translated in English).
Book only: 25 €
Box limited to 30 copies only. The signed and hand-numbered book + 1 DVD including images and texts read by Cath. An. + bookmarks: 40 €
May 24, 2012.
Cath. An. Photographies
Le temps de...