Until the edge of your shadow...

« Keep the visible paths open to what we can't see»
Maurice Maeterlinck
We keep moving on this lost path. We walk through landscapes just as we walk through ourselves. In self-effacement.
When entering this shadow, we have left behind us what is visible and we let ourselves be seized by your presence. Suddenly. Unexpectedly.
We went deeper on this path. We went even further on, as you let us catch sight of you.
During this very brief moment, we let ourselves fade away while looking for you. We walked through your absence.
Until the edge of your shadow we kept looking for you.
And then, we came to realize that following your trail would lead us but nowhere. We crumbled in your silence. And on this very path we laid our pain. Softly.
Once we left your shadow, we walked back on our path. Yes, we kept moving on. As usual. We walk on.
We now carry within ourselves the apparition of your future which passed through us.
- Photographs extracted from a series of 14. -
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Jusqu'au bord de ton visible...

Photograph extracted from a series of 14.